Applications and
Information Systems

Garment Making Data

This software is an expert system based on a hierarchical database. The knowledge base holds information about the time required to carry out manual work, which is individual, ie not degrade further and refer to garment manufacturing.

Each individual work is represented by a code, a series of codes defines a part (operation) of a dress and two or more parts make a complete dress (style). A style accurately describes the method by which a costume should be made, the estimated time, the total cost, etc. and can be used to design new fashion and to compare different costumes. The software used in Great Britain from the haute couture house Burberry's Ltd., Which are clothing suppliers and the Royal Family. Please note that maintenance of that software house Burberry's made ​​exclusively from COMPUTER ACADEMY LTD.


Job Evaluation

This system aims at classifying occupations according to the requirements set by the employee. We do not use subjective criteria but based on correlations professions and objective statistical analysis, which rank occupations.

Production Control

This system is fully compatible with the GMD and allows recording orders, automatic analysis of the quantities contained in the given order, the cost calculation for each batch and print stickers suitable for their handlers machines. The software used in Great Britain since 1979.


A Computerised Real Estate System

Analysis and evaluation of housing construction cost. The system analyzes the cost of housing, the Cash-flow and distribution alternatives of total construction cost.

Normalisation Fees

Normalization of the financial contribution of each partner to an organization / association that offers services to all shareholders. The mathematical model uses the system is recursive and aims to budget allocation based on objective parameters.

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